Because we use this on our own precious children, we did A LOT of research on Primitive Reflex Integration. We found quite a bit of studies justifying it’s effectiveness. We also took a course with Dr. Robert Melillo, founder of over 80 Brain Balance Centers, author of 4 books including Neurobehavioral Disorders of Childhood and is the executive director of the National Institute for Brain and Rehabilitation Sciences. He has personally been using Primitive Reflex Integration with his clients for many years. He testified to us of his personal work with Primitive Reflex and the positive affect it has made on his clients.

You can check out our Resource Page to see the studies.

Personally, I have used these on my own children and saw a difference in their behavior and development within 4 weeks. I was a busy mom, I had 8 children and am a Land Developer. Adding one more thing to my to-do list was not my favorite idea. It felt like it was a leap of faith for the first few weeks. I noticed my Dyslexic son reading and writing smoother. I also noticed my ADHD daughter being less impulsive and, for the first time, sitting with me for snuggles. I thought ‘Could this really be the Reflex Integration?’. I continued with it and it has made a huge difference in their lives.

Primitive Reflexes are the trouble makers. I eliminated their ‘trouble makers’ and they started improving quickly. It took me seeing it to really believe it. I just wanted to share that with you. Take the leap ????

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