About Us


Everyone knows someone with a Learning Disability, and our family was no different.

With eight kids, and all the busy work that comes with a family, we had a lot on our plate. So when Learning Disabilities showed up in our lives, we were less than thrilled. Not just because of how much work and frustration it brought, but because we knew from experience how hard they are to overcome, how badly they damage a child’s confidence, and how they can affect adulthood if they aren’t resolved.

We tried it all! Repetition and sitting at the table for hours going over and over material, trying to make reading less of a challenge. We scoured the internet for anything that could offer hope and improvement. We contacted schools and utilized any special classes or programs they had. We even tried enrolling one of our kids in a center that was supposed to solve all of our problems (with a hefty price tag to prove it).

We struggled for years, but nothing completely worked and we knew there had to be something better out there. Were we just supposed to teach our children to cope with Learning Disabilities, and accept the many ‘band-aid’ solutions that provided little to no improvement? No way!

We finally became aware of new studies coming out all the time with information on actually targeting Learning Disabilities at the core. Things like Hemispheric Integration, Vision Therapy, and the importance of Primitive Reflexes. And the best thing, none of it involved medication or huge price tags.

We dove into it head first, and immediately saw how life-changing it could be. Then friends and family heard and saw what we were doing and the awesome results we were getting, and started asking us for help too.

The results we saw were enough to bring us to tears. We saw one of our little girls with such major ADHD that she couldn’t sit still long enough to look us in the eye or speak full sentences, have a full conversation with us! Our son who suffered from Dyslexia so much that simply reading would give him a headache, started reading for enjoyment. Some of our loved ones that saw what we were doing started to implement it, and saw dramatic results, too.

We were so excited we had to share it with the world. With Learning Disabilities on the rise, we knew there were parents and guardians and caregivers out there who were battling that same invisible wall we were. They were doing everything they could to find a way to reach their children and unlock the brilliance they knew was just waiting below the surface.

We aren’t doctors. But we have taken information from doctors, therapists, websites, books, personal experiences, and everything we could find and have compiled it here to make it easier to access and understand. We’ve tested them, seen the results, and now you can, too.

Join us on our mission to solve Learning Disabilities for good!