Sensory and Cognitive Exercises to Help Reverse Learning Disabilities and Disorders

Sensory Disorder Tactile TestIt is normal for everyone to have some intellectual or physical strengths and weaknesses. It is good for diversity in the human race. It is what makes some people become musicians and artists or engineers and mathematicians.

But with some, in the early years, parts of the brain and cognitive function develop a little weaker than other areas. Some times this is because the child is very smart and advance so fast that it actually causes problems for other areas of the brain.  Once this happens, the brains neurological connections don’t pass information back and forth as well.  Some areas and functions of the brain don’t work in sync with others properly.  It causes disabilities, disorders and health problems. This is why challenged kids are advanced in some things, but struggling with learning, behavior or sensory issues. They are very intelligent, but lag in other areas or have strange quirks and disabilities.  It  can be improved, and in many cases, even completely reversed with the cognitive exercises below. You can do the testing and exercises yourself or take them to a hemispheric balance type center. It is simple and not too difficult to do right at home.  Do each of the tests below, even if they do not label your childs particular disability. Weakness in any of these functions can cause the other functions to have problems as well.

Sensory and Cognitive Tests and Exercises

Why They are so Important to Learning:

When babies are born, they have all of the brain structures in place for the neurological connections to start maturing. As they grow and learn, they create neurological connections or pathways which are used for brain function, recall and memory. Small electrical pulses shoot through the finely organized neurons, like electricity through the wiring in a house.  If the wiring is off, the signals get messed up, causing interference in information, brain and body control. There are solutions.

When neurological weaknesses occur, it affects all of the systems from muscles and organs to sensory, memory and behavior. This causes Learning Disabilities, Behavioral Disorders, ADHD, ADD, Sensory Disorders and even Autism Spectrum Disorders. The child is usually diagnosed with one of the above problems. Because the brain controls the organs of the body, it can become severe enough to cause health problems such as Asthma, Autoimmune Diseases, food intolerances, stomach problems and much more.

How to reverse the problem: 

The tests and exercises above take less than one minute each. They will reveal what areas need strengthening. More and better organized neurons developed.  They say “Neurons that fire together, wire together” Lets get them firing together!

This process wasn’t known to many in the past, but has gained great momentum in the last few years as specialists learn more about the brain and disabilities and better brain imaging equipment is used. There are now many learning centers around the U.S. that are using these methods.