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"I Knew Something Great Was Happening."

The first time I sat down with Lyla’s teacher and got a good report, I knew something great was happening. She said ‘Something has changed in Lyla. It is almost like a light has switched on in her.’ She then went on to tell me the positive changes she had noticed in her school, behavior and with her interactions with her classmates. Good reports? I heart that.

Until then, I felt like I was taking a leap of faith. I had read many accounts of how much they had helped other children. But, I wasn’t sure if I was doing them right. I’m a busy person and didn’t want to waste time if I was doing them wrong.  Do they really work? Was I doing them enough? Was I doing them correctly? Turned out ‘yes’ to all three.

Doing Exercises Correctly Is So Important!

Accuracy is every bit as important as consistency. Each exercise is designed to develop and control a certain group of muscles. Each specific group of muscles suppresses a different Primitive Reflex. Inaccuracies in assessing or exercising the Primitive Reflexes could be a waste of time for you and your patient.

Knowledge of the method is vital to the success or Primitive Reflex Integration.

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We Made A Primitive Reflex Video Mini-Training To Help

Because accuracy is so important, we created a video Mini Course on Primitive Reflex Exercises. It teaches about the symptoms, importance and benefit of all eight exercises with instructions and a video example of each one.

For our email subscribers, anyone who enrolls in the Mini-Course within 48 hours, will receive our Printable Monthly/Weekly/Daily planner pages to help you make your routine schedule . We will also throw in examples of how we schedule the routine with our own children.

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