Auditory Processing Exercises-For Your Practice


Watch how much your child can improve with increased Auditory Processing skills. Enhance their academic, social and behavioral abilities.

See what a difference they can make in your child’s life. From understanding verbal instructions and commands to social ques, Auditor Processing skills are paramount!

These exercises were developed with a focus on being fun and engaging for children of ages 4-11.

Exercise Cards include:

  • 11 Sound Discrimination Cards
  • 11 Discrimination and Figure-Ground Discrimination Cards
  • 11 Expressive Language and Word Recall Cards
  • 11 Sequencing and Working Memory Cards

We will also include 10 of our most loved ‘Who Am I’ Character Scenes
These scenes are bright, fun and engaging. They were developed to increase Auditory Processing speed: These are best loved by the children we have worked with. The child gets to discover which figure in a fun and bright colored scene is the key character by following verbal clues to eliminate all other characters until there is one left to discover. These exercises encourages growth in Auditory Processing Speed and Receptive Language Skills.


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