Unlock Brilliance- eBook for Learning Disabilities

Unlock Brilliance Book of Primitive Reflexes and Cognitive ExercisesSecure Checkout

This book is dedicated to all of the parents or caregivers who have watched a child struggle and said to themselves:

‘This cannot be a life long sentence for this child. How will they function as an adult?’

‘If there is a weakness, there must be a way to strengthen it’. 

What we found was there were Neurologists, Occupational Therapists and Doctors who had found solutions and were beginning to publish them and teach about them. They found ways to pin point the weaknesses and exercise them.

When we did this with our own children they improved dramatically, regardless of their type of struggle and disability. Friends and family noticed and began to ask what we were doing. We did these same cognitive exercises with some of their children, or showed them how. Each one that did the exercises showed huge improvement, solving developmental problems they had for years.

  • Primitive Reflex and Sensory Motor ExercisesThese fun little exercises are so simple and can be done right at home.
  • Do it at your own pace. 10 minutes per day, or 30 minutes a couple of times per week.
  • Watch your child improve.

63 page ebook Includes: Introduction to the method, a section on 8 Primitive Reflex tests and exercises; Sensory tests and exercises; and a chapter on Visual Processing and disabilities. For a limited time, the printable Exercises Packet and Child Reminder Cards are free for download at no extra cost when purchase is complete.